Craving Lasagna

Helena has a very unique way of making something yummy each and every time she cooks! Our all-time favorite dish is her exquisite lasagna. We've never tasted anything quite like it before and crave it frequently. The menu is diverse and she uses organically grown and local markets for ingredients. If you are on a tight schedule for getting dinner made, we would highly recommend utilizing Helena’s Italian Kitchen for meals prepared with great flavor and dedication!
Janet Hoffman

Very Satisfied Customer

We used Helena’s Italian Kitchen for a birthday party we threw for my boyfriend's mother. They put the entire menu together along with wine pairing for each dish. The party was a lovely wine and food pairing that was a pure delight. The food was fresh, hot and delicious and the wine's they selected were perfect. I highly recommend them for your family dinners or even a party!
Kristin Centofante